Sonnet 2748388294747 (Hamlet)

William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 shows how the unconditional love in his poem contradicts the ‘love’ seen in Hamlet. The love in the poem says that love is unconditional and should always be there no matter what. However, in Hamlet, Shakespeare shows that Gertrude’s love for Old Hamlet was not really love because it was not unconditional. She remarried his own brother a month after her husband’s death. He claims that if it was not unconditional, it was never love. Therefore, love never truly existed in Hamlet which led to all of the deaths in the play.


Is Hamlet Really Popular?

Unlike the previous posts about Hamlet’s popularity, I’d like to deviate from the assumption that Hamlet is popular. I don’t believe that Hamlet is as popular as we seem to make it. For example, the most two recent remake of Hamlet didn’t succeed very well in box office. I just think that Hamlet is very well known since it’s a very influential piece of literature. Ideas and concepts from Hamlet are seen in other areas of study. The incest between Hamlet and Gertrude and Hamlet’s desire to replace his father can be seen in Sigmind Freud’s Oedipus Complex. Overall, Hamlet isn’t very popular but instead, it is well known for it’s literary importance.

The Life Of The William Blake

The William Blake was born on November 28, 1757 to a Christian family. He was raised under Christian beliefs and was heavily influenced by the Bible as he grew up, explaining his visions of God and a tree filled with angels. The image of angels would recur in his future works such as the poem, The Chimney Sweeper. As he grew up, he took a liking towards art. He would become a professional engraver after apprenticing under the famous engraver, James Basire, for seven years. He would also enter the Royal Academy of Art’s School of Designs to paint. After this, he married Catherine Sophia Boucher, his faithful wife who would remain by his side for forty five years and even in his death bed. Before he died, he wrote many, many poems. However, his poems weren’t as famous as his arts were, explaining why art was more important to him. Even on his death bed, he painted a portrait of his beloved wife, Catherine Sophia Boucher.

Waiting For Godot – Live Play

     The live performance of Waiting For Godot gave me a completely different vibe than the skit. The live performance gave off a very strange and creepy feeling, more than the novel did. At the start of the play, I could sense that there was something wrong. That this play didn’t take place in “our world.” When the play opens, we see two man on the stage with a very dull background. Their poses tell you that something’s not quite right. Estrogen is shown sitting on a stump with his face down while Vladimir is standing shadily next to a “tree” with his faced turned away from the audience.” You could tell that this isn’t normal because these two characters weren’t acting like humans (more so like creatures). They were only standing about ten feet from one another and it seemed as if they weren’t aware of each other’s existence (existentialism!). When dialogues began between the two characters, we know for sure that the two main characters aren’t typical protagonist that we have seen before. They talked in a really weird manner. They would talk quietly and slowly and then randomly talk fast and loudly and then they would talk quietly and slowly again.

     The one thing that stood out to me was Lucky. When I read the novel, I imagined Lucky as a nice looking old man, one that people would sympathize for. In the play, Lucky was portrayed as an old man. However, in the play, Lucky was more demonic than nice. His way of walking and the way he “told” Estrogen that he didn’t want the bone was really scary (He looked up and stared at Estrogen then moved back down.) He reminded me of Slender Man (because he was so skinny and evil looking), giving his character and the play a creepy feeling. Overall, the play was made the novel seem A LOT stranger than I pictured it. 

Life Of π

     I was debating over which movie I should talk about, Inception or Life Of Pi. I decided to choose Life Of Pi because the ending of Life Of Pi was a lot more confusing to me than the ending of Inception. In Inception, I was able to hear Cobb’s totem wobble and fall so I came up with the conclusion that Cobb wasn’t dreaming. However, in Life Of Pi, I couldn’t decide whether Pi’s story with the zoo animals was true or not. When Pi offered the other story (the one without the animals), I could possibly understand why Pi made up the story. It was a coping mechanism, like Billy Pilgrim’s creation of the Tralfamadorians. The events that happened on the boat at sea were too horrifying for Pi to accept. Pi had to dehumanize the cook, sailor, and his own mom to make the violent and horrifying events on boat less severe. Unfortunately, I still could not decide which story was the what really happened. I kept thinking about the movie and still could not come up with a conclusion. However, like the reporter at the end, I’d like the story with the animals to be the true story because it “sounded better” and was more innocent.

Waiting For Nothing

The play, Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett, is probably the most pointless and illogical piece of literature that I have ever read. I had no idea why this play was suppose to be Beckett’s most famous play until I read the wikipedia. Apparently, Beckett was an existentialist – whose belief was that there is no meaning or purpose in human life – and also one of the key writers of The Theatre Of Absurd. His views on humanity is apparent in The Theatre Of The Abusrd. That explains why the play was filled with nonsense. Also, I found it interesting that both Beckett and the novel of Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut, fought in WWII. It was after WWII that they wrote their respective work of literature. I found it strange how both of these works had a pessimistic view on humanity.

Drown Project – Reflection

1. Nicholas and I chose to do a comic book because we felt that it would be unique since not many people knew how to make a comic book. We had a feeling that a lot of people were going to make a video so we wanted to be different. Also, in this chapter, Ysrael was portrayed kinda like a hero with all the “strength”, “flight”, and “invisibility” so it seemed cool to portray him like a super hero by using a comic book.
2. I learned how to make a comic book. It was originally Nick’s idea to make a comic book. I’ve never made a comic book before and I thought it was gonna be hard but it ended up being fairly easy. It was just time consuming.
3. 95, we worked hard on it and I think we did a pretty good job putting the chapter into a comic book format.